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Our cases are made in the USA! Lifetime warranty, waterproof, and wheels built in! What more could you want? They're lightweight and ATA approved!


Diamonds are a precious stone. We've incorporated this stone into our fret boards. Our fret boards are available in non-glare white with black markers, non-glare black with white markers and non glare with colored markers.

  • Design planning
  • Finish & material selection
  • Polished or non polished packages
  • Aluminum neck
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Bentley SD10 5X5 

As of the first quarter of 2019 our new S10 model with 4X5 will be available at "Steel Guitars of Nashville." This will be a lightweight PRO model guitar with all the same features that are on all our other models. This model will come with either a maple or aluminum neck. Colors are Black, red, white and blue (other colors and/or drum wrap models optional.)

For ordering: request an order form to be (e)mailed to you. Fill out the order form and mail it back to us. We will contact you after we received the signed order forms and request the deposit for your order.
​NOTE: "Balance is due at time of final assembly."